WATCH: CNN, MSNBC Pile on the Propaganda as Surrogates of Clinton–Loyal to the Decaying Candidate

It’s simply amazing how a few talking points pushed by the Clinton campaign, on her fainting spell, has swept the MSM with great ease. CNN and MSNBC have taken on the role of surrogates for Hillary. But is that their job?


The clip exposes how mainstream media outlets immediately began regurgitating Clinton campaign talking points within hours of Hillary’s infamous collapse in New York on Sunday.

After Clinton campaign staffers began using the term “power through” over and over again in an effort to emphasize Hillary’s strength – a complete 180 of objective reality – network hosts adopted and repeated the phrase themselves.

As David Rutz reported, “Campaign manager Robby Mook and spokespeople Brian Fallon and Kristina Schake all repeated the talking point ad nauseam in their cable appearances on Monday. The media picked it up as well, with reporters on CNN and MSNBC using the phrase to describe how Hillary Clinton bravely reacted to a pneumonia diagnosis on Friday.”

However, the real scandal is how the media regurgitated talking points that were directly distributed by the Clinton campaign.


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