Watch: CNN’s Poppy Harlow Confuses American National Anthem for French Anthem

Apparently the anchors at CNN can’t even recognize our own National Anthem.

Must be because of their obsession with Russia.

CNN Host Poppy Harlow was reporting on President Trump’s arrival to Paris, France.

In the frame you can see the French President and Trump standing side by side in front of a large uniformed band.

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As the band started playing the Star Spangled Banner Harlow states,“Let’s just listen in to the French national anthem for just a moment.”


Clearly the first notes of the USA national anthem give away the song.

Several seconds pass by, yet there is no correction from the anchor.

Then you can hear over the audio urgent whispers in the background, most likely her CNN producers telling her she did something wrong.

Harlow then issued a correction, with a chuckle.

“The US–American national anthem–I should say.”


Is this a sign CNN is never going to gain ‘their edge’ again?


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