WATCH: Cop Busts Thief, But He Didn’t Want News Headlines for What he Did Next
This is truly shocking to see happen in today’s society.

An officer is in the spotlight after arresting a Kansas mother for stealing from her local Walmart. However, it wasn’t his bust that seems to have people talking, but rather what he did next that he probably didn’t think anyone would find out.

Although the incident took place just recently, it technically started back in 2012 for Sarah Robinson, who tragically lost her husband after he drowned during a Labor Day accident and had been struggling to make ends meet ever since. Trying to provide for herself and her children — 15-year-old Emily, 13-year-old Sophia, 12-year-old Angelina, 4-year-old Miley and twins Becky and Bella — has not been easy.

So when she was running out of diapers for her 2-year-old twin daughters and couldn’t afford to buy more, she walked into Walmart in Roeland Park, Kansas on July 6 and decided to steal some – but that’s not all.

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“I was just going to potty-train them, but I didn’t have a place for them to bathe,” Robinson said. “I had lost my house and all of our belongings, and I don’t have a job. So I went to Walmart, grabbed clothes, shoes, diapers, wipes, and I just walked out, but they caught me.”

It wasn’t long before Roeland Park police officer Mark Engravalle arrived, but this wasn’t an ordinary arrest. You see, the cop quickly noticed that some of the children with Robinson were barefoot and had dirty feet.

“He noticed [what she stole] were necessities like diapers, shoes for the kids, some clothing,” Roeland Park public information officer John Demoss later explained. “He asked her what the situation was, and she broke down crying.”

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