Watch: Critical Conceal Carry Lesson

Many people have an opinion on mounted lights and lasers on your conceal carry weapon; some pro and some really against it.

Clay Martin from highlights why having either of these options mounted on your firearm is a good thing.

The opposition claims that lasers or lights mounted on a gun will make someone forget about their sights, they might run out of batteries and not work or it can compromise your ability to fight back.

Here is what Martin has to say about that:”That specious argument, however, is firmly rebuffed by our experience in the Global War On Terror. For the first time in history, in Special Operations Forces at least, the majority of the killing was done in the dark — with lasers. Granted, we were using infrared (IR) models and what you want for a street gun is something you can see with the naked eye, but the principle remains true.

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If we can shoot Jihadis at 200 meters with an IR laser, all night long, any marksmanship debate about the efficacy of lasers is closed. They work. They work well.

And actually, they might be easier to use than traditional sights.”

Watch his video for more insight about lights and lasers on your conceal carry!

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