WATCH: David Hogg Challenged to Gun Control Debate by Fellow Parkland Shooting Survivor — Will He Accept?

Kyle Kashuv is a student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who survived the Valentine’s Day shooting.

Kashuv is a conservative student who opposes gun control, unlike his fellow classmate David Hogg who is a strong supporter. On the day of #MarchForOurLives protest, he challenged Hogg to a debate.

Kashuv tweeted: “Hey @davidhogg111 you seem really fired up about gun control. Lets debate, one Parkland student to another. I’m in DC right now.”

Via Daily Wire: Kashuv even sent Hogg a direct message to make sure that he saw his challenge, but has not yet received a response. Dave Rubin, host of “The Rubin Report,” had signaled on Friday evening that he would be willing to host a civil gun control debate between Kashuv and Hogg.

Rubin wrote: “Happy to do that. I’ll donate all proceeds and see how else I can raise funds. Kyle Kashuv has agreed, hope you will too, David Hogg.”

Kashuv went on FOX News to discuss the #MarchForOurLives event, to which he entirely slammed it.

Kyle Kashuv, who is only a junior and has already helped pass legislation to help prevent further school shootings, told Fox News that it is beyond ridiculous that none of the students at the rally are acknowledging what really happened.

“I talked to so many marchers and they don’t have a clear-cut solution,” Kashuv said. “And it pains me not to see the government being held accountable for their failures. I don’t see anyone blaming Sheriff Scott Israel for failing to do what he was supposed to do.”

Kashuv continued saying, “I don’t see anyone looking at the FBI and saying, ‘How come two reports weren’t followed through?’ I don’t see anyone going, ’78 reports to the Broward Sheriff’s office and nothing is done.’… How come we don’t hear speakers talking about this subject?”


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