Watch: Devastating Footage Shows Houston Shelter Isn’t Safe from Flood Waters

Hurricane Harvey’s damage seems to be reaching into the very places people are looking for refuge.

In the midst of all the chaos of evacuating from homes, people want to be certain they’re going to be safe from harm. That’s why such buildings are called ‘shelters’. It looks like one shelter just isn’t safe though.

A video published on instagram by Time shows the horrifying conditions one refuge is in. The caption of the video reads:

A shelter near Houston for at least 100 displaced people has been overrun by Harvey floodwaters, forcing weary evacuees to retreat to bleacher seats, according to the Associated Press. Jefferson County sheriff’s deputy Marcus McLellan said Wednesday that the Bowers Civic Center in Port Arthur was inundated overnight due to overwhelming rainfall and a nearby overflowing canal.

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McLellan says it’s not clear where the evacuees will go. Some have been at the civic center since Monday. He says he’s not sure if a Salvation Army shelter in Beaumont has space, and the Beaumont Civic Center can hold 600 people but it’s already at capacity. Beaumont is just northwest of Port Arthur. Video Source: Beulah Johnson via AP”

WATCH the footage below.

Hopefully the people in this shelter can get out of harms reach quickly.

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