WATCH: Douche-Bag BRAGS About Leaving Woman Stranded in Snow Because She Had Trump Sticker on Car

A Bernie Sanders supporter just recently took to social media to BRAG about being a complete douche-bag and not helping out a woman stranded in the snow, because she had a Trump sticker on her car. Ironic thing is that he is a supposed ‘Christian’. Maybe this chick would have been better off if a Samaritan was passing by.

A motorist boasted that he had refused to help a woman whose car was stuck in the snow after he spotted her Trump bumper sticker.

Troy Brown took a picture of a stranded vehicle in the snow and posted it on Facebook with the caption: ‘I was going to help her but she has a #Trump sticker on her car #CallYoPresident’.

He also posted a video of himself purportedly driving on by.

Brown, who posts extensively about political issues, doubled down on his decision, adding ‘a list of people Trump voters can call for help:1. Yo president 2. Exxon Mobil CEO 3. General Flynn’s son 4. The gunman at Comet pizza in D.C.’

Brown revealed that he had been a Bernie Sanders supporter before Donald Trump won the election.

He had posted the picture of the stranded motorist on December 13 – when Ohio was suffering heavy snowstorms and freezing temperatures hitting as low as 13 degrees.




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