Watch: Dude Comes Close to Getting Shot When ‘AK-47’ Gets Pulled on Him During Fight

Not really sure if the rifle in the video is an actual ‘AK-47’, but that is what the original source for this video said.

It seems there was fight occurring before this cellphone footage started, but when it begins you see one person busting out of his car.

The altercation is already in play and there are two other individuals on top of the male exiting the vehicle.

The white dude has a gun in his hands. It seems as if the black male, who knows the white dude, isn’t actually in a fight with him, but is trying to stop him from shooting.

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You can hear the white male shouting multiple time ‘GET OFF ME!’ At one point he says ‘get off me Ryan.’ This assumes a close relationship between the two males.

Eventually the black male gains control and tells the white dude, ‘let it go.’

After watching the video, what do you think?

There is not enough back story to know what is really going on here. However, one thing is clear. The white male was ready to shoot someone and the black male prevented that from happening.

Maybe saving this acquaintance from a really bad mistake.


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