WATCH: Dude Gets KNOCKED OUT Trying to Interrupt Catholics Praying


Whomever said Catholics are weak haven’t met this group.

According to the information posted on YouTube, Les Soldats Du Christ (The Soldiers of Christ), were protesting the closing of a local church.

One man, reportedly, was drunk and repeatedly tried to interrupt the demonstration.

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He was warned multiple times to get away, but then enough was enough.

The belligerent drunk got knocked out COLD!

A description of what took place is written in French, here is the very rough translation from Google-translate:

A poorly caring person, alcoholic, playing music using his mobile phone. We had warned him he did not want to hear the voice of reason.
A Soldiers of Christ chastised her for her rudeness.

The Soldiers of Christ the goal of:
Saved our homeland our faith and not as fragile, but solid Catholics camped on their two feet.

Our wish, finished the time of the bisounours, our ancestors call us to take the sword and to no longer advocate peace.
Our churches are going to defend them, our faith too.

One for all, all for GOD.


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