WATCH: Dude PUNCHES Chick in the Face — Was it Justified?

Sporting events probably host the most emotional and violent audiences ever.

People get rrrreeeaaallly passionate about their games, not to mention the copious amounts of beer that is usually consumed.

So drunk people that are emotionally unstable, with violent tempers… sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Enter our story.

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The event took place at the Kauffman Stadium.

The game: Kansas City Royals vs. San Francisco Giants

TMZ Sports captured footage of a man, Edmond Stryker, punching a woman, Amy Blake, during the game.

Blake, a 25yr Old, reportedly spat multiple times on Stryker, 53, before he decided he had enough.

Off-duty cops working the event restrained and arrested both Amy and Edmond.

Multiple witnesses informed the officers that the chick was the aggressor; however, both were cited for disorderly conduct and escorted out of the stadium.

Hardly seems fair since Amy Blake started the fight.

Who would honestly allow someone to spit on them multiple times, woman or not? Once would be enough for me.

Convenient last name for Edmond, by the way.

Stryker… lol.

If only Amy knew who she was messing with.




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