WATCH: Elizabeth Warren says ‘Ugly Stew of RACISM’ is Why Trump Won

It’s no secret that Sen. Elizabeth Warren has some crazy ideas. She says the darndest things sometimes. Well, here’s another one to shake your head at.

She said that President Trump’s electoral win was the result of “an ugly stew of racism.”

Well, this explanation ought to be good.

When asked by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow (okay, making more sense) why white middle-class voters would vote for Trump, Warren said Trump was able to tap into a deep-seated anger felt among low- and middle-income voters by placing blame on ethnic and religious minorities.

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“Part of it is an ugly stew of racism. Part of it is Donald Trump tapped into anger. He got that people are deeply angry.

“And people are right to be angry. But Donald Trump said it’s their fault — those other people. Those people who don’t worship like you, those people who don’t look like you, those people who aren’t the same color as you. That was a big part. He told a story. It’s just the wrong story.”

It’s the same narrative anywhere you go with liberals. They will say anything bad about Trump and ignore what is actually happening in the world.

Once they realize that Trump is doing his best for the American people, the better. Will that day ever come? We aren’t holding our breath.


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