Watch: Feminist Cheats on Herself, After Saying ‘I Do’ to Herself

Apparently staying ‘faithful’ to yourself is harder than it looks. One feminist nim-wit proved this after she married herself, only to find that that relationship wasn’t fulfilling enough and started dating a dude.

Yup, it seems this feminist came to the realization that she might actually need a man in her life.


One problem with her selection though, the man, who is named Ruari, was a polyamorist. If you don’t know what that means, thank God! But we will help you out. It is a person who has ‘multiple partners’.

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The feminist who couldn’t find a man to marry her decided to cheat on herself with a man who is engaged in multiple relationships. You can’t make this sh*t up!

Obviously the relationship didn’t work for Sophie the feminist, ironically because the man ended up marrying himself.



Via the Daily Wire: But Sophie, clearly an empowered woman, claims this was all part of the plan postnuptial, telling ITV’s This Morning that “self-marriage isn’t about never being with anyone else, however – it’s about ‘self-love’.”

“It’s saying that self-compassion and self-care is as important as romantic relationships,” continued Sophie. “It doesn’t mean you’re rejecting all other meaningful relationships in your life and becoming a nun forevermore. It means you’re rejecting bad relationships.”

“If only there were more self-love in the world, we wouldn’t need ceremonies like this. This is a statement which looks to raise the profile of self-love, saying it’s as important as romantic love and doing it as a formal ceremony as anyone else would have a wedding,” she said.

“Marrying yourself is a lifelong commitment to be responsible for your own happiness, so divorce is not an option.”

Watch this cr*p fest below:



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