WATCH: Fight Between Chinese and Obama Officials Caught on Camera, ‘This is OUR Country!’

Oh, the irony of it all! Obama is used to getting his way with the media here, a place where there is freedom of press, but go to communist China and they aren’t falling for Obama’s sh*t.

While the Obama administration is accustomed to manipulating the press, leave it to China’s communist government — no friend to the media — to balk at their heavy-handed efforts.

President Barack Obama arrived in China on Saturday for the G20 summit and things did not get off to a smooth start when a Chinese official was captured on video shouting at White House press aide who was instructing foreign reporters on where to stand as they recorded Obama disembarking from the plane, Reuters reported.

“This is our plane,” the unidentified aide told the official. “We’re standing under the wing.”

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“This is our country! This is our airport! Okay?” he shot back in English, clearly annoyed.


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