WATCH: Footage Captures Terrified & Bloodied Passengers Fleeing from Bomb Blast

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.54.17 AMHorrific. To think it was just another day, then this happens. Keep the people of Brussels in your prayers and thoughts.

These shocking videos show the smoke billowing outside Brussels Airport and bloody passengers running for their lives after deadly blasts ripped through the American Airlines check in desk.

Footage shows people sprinting away from the scene of the explosion through smoke filled corridors in the terminal.

Smoke can also be seen coming from the airport in the aftermath of the suspected suicide bomb attack which has claimed at least 14 lives and left 50 more injured.

Witnesses described seeing ‘dismembered bodies everywhere’ after the blasts which are believed to have centred on the American Airlines check-in desk at around 8am (7am GMT).


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