WATCH: This Football Game’s National Anthem Salute is INCREDIBLE–Kaepernick Would Hate This

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-9-28-17-amAfter weeks of controversy over our National Anthem, this one stadium decided to do things big, real big, for the salute. This will bring a tear to your eye and have you screaming Aaaamerica!!

Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the national anthem has generated a furious debate across America.

Some of his NFL peers have blasted him for his decision. While others, like Denver Bronco Brandon Marshall, have joined him in protest.

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Now Virginia Teach and Tennessee, two college football teams, have weighed in on the controversy in a massive way.

In Saturday’s night game between the rivals, a record breaking 150,000 people were in attendance.

It started with a giant American flag on the field:

american flag

But that wasn’t enough. So they put flags in the stands as well:

American flag 2


American flag 5

The whole audience participated in creating the patriotic symbols in the stands:


And when Jennifer Nettles, who was singing the anthem, got the part about the Star Spangled Banner waving — the flags did just that:

Waving flag


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