WATCH: Former FBI Agent CONDEMNS United States for Pushing War Not ‘Rule of Law’–ISIS is the Result…

Check out what this former FBI agent has to say about this whole situation. Very interesting perspective. Do you agree with her?

Islamic State’s claim of responsibility for the Orlando mass shooting may be nothing more than a propaganda move to capitalize on a massacre perpetrated by a lone-wolf attacker who could have had no direct links to the terror group, security experts told RT.

Many Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) attacks have been carried out by people who have no direct connections with the group, but who were inspired by terrorist “propaganda” and a quite successful “information war,” former FBI agentColeen Rowley told RT.

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“It is a very worrying trend … If people are merely inspired and there’s this information war taking place where ISIS actually has a very much an upper hand … ISIS is seen as one of the only entities that is fighting the United States and they are carrying on propaganda,” she said.

Former CIA officer Jack Rice agrees that Orlando massacre has most likely been carried out by a “lone-wolf”.

“There’s really three different issues when I think about what the Islamic State has done. We think of what they have done directly in the likes of Syria…and places like Belgium, and France. Then there’s that secondary group – those who specifically are operators for ISIS, human-trained by ISIS and human-sent out… But then you can think about those who have been simply inspired by ISIS not even having any direct connections (think of San Bernardino). So what we have here potentially might be the third group,” Jack Rice told RT.

“ISIS has been very clear about this around the world…they are trying to inspire the likes of people like this man, like what we saw in San Bernardino to go out and commit attacks in its name, and, sadly, these are the most difficult to stop simply because they are the lone wolf that has no direct connection, who can simply stand up, go out into the crowd and level it,”he added.

Although it is not yet known for sure whether the massacre was“terrorism-inspired per say” or whether it was homophobia, it is perfectly clear that the perpetrator is “trying to have an impact on a massive group of people,” Rice believes.

“Apparently, we might have already seen at least one copycat,” he said, referring to the arrest of a heavily armed suspect who was allegedly planning an attack on the LGBT community who were participating in a pride event in Los Angeles area.

“We shouldn’t lose our minds but…we should also be very clear that there may be others out there who’re saying ‘wait a second, if they can do it, so can I’.”


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