WATCH: Former Police Officer Shocked to See What His Son’s School Replaced the American Flag With

Former police officer Brandon Tatum went to visit his son’s school and what he found there was a complete shock.

Expecting a liberal environment, due to where Tatum’s son attends school, the former police officer didn’t predict that they would replace the American flag with a LGBTQ flag.

In his online rant the father said he agrees all families should feel welcomed and safe at institutions of learning, however…


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“But to emphasize this and to beat it in the heads of people as if this is not a common understanding amongst human beings — that you treat people the way you want to be treated,” he contended.

The father thanked the staff in the school for their “great” service and being an overall “excellent” school.

Tatum credited all of the people in the school for being “great” and overall found it to be an “excellent” school. However, while in his son’s classroom, he noticed a daily activity that’s been going on since his grandma was in school was missing a vital part.

“You say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag,” he said. “So, I’m looking around the class and I’m looking, where are they gonna look to do the Pledge of Allegiance? Because there’s no flag.”

Then his eyes landed on a purple piece of paper that had the Pledge of Allegiance printed on it.

Trying not to embarrass his son and make a scene in front of the little kids, Tatum refrained from showing any physical indication of his disapproval in the moment. He thought to himself, though:

“This is stage one of brainwashing our young people to desensitize them to American values. This is one of the most diverse schools that I’ve ever seen. I mean, kids from all walks of life are in this school and for them to devalue the American flag in the classroom was just shocking to me.”

The class room did recite the pledge, and Tatum joined by placing his hand over his heart, but the absence of the American flag “really made [him] mad.”

IJR reports “Tatum again commended the school for their rapport with the kids and reiterated that it wasn’t reflective of his overall experience, but that didn’t make it any less troubling.”

“Those miniature things that seem to be small foxes that we are eliminating from the consciousness of young people and it’s really gonna bite us in the rear end later on,” he said. “They don’t mind putting the LGBTQ flag all in the classroom and stuff but two, three classes I went into none of them had a flag in it.”

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