WATCH: Gang of Thugs Prove Why Every Single Woman Needs a Gun at Home

A gang of young thugs ambushed a 22-year-old woman on her own doorstep at gunpoint in Killeen, Texas. Her security camera caught the horrifying moment, but the details of how it all went down will make you cringe.

The woman heard a widow break at the front of her house, realizing a person had bashed it in. At that moment there was a knock on the door and Davieon Reed, 22, was pretending to be a concerned neighbor.

It seemed this knock was a planned distraction and what occurred next can all be witnessed in the below security footage.

Via the Daily Mail: 22-year-old Davieon Reed, along with three other suspects, identified as Gjavion Smith-Williams, 17, Jamal Marbury, 18 and Daquan Lavant, were all arrested after the remaining suspects were found in two vehicles parked nearby.

Officers found the weapons and the clothing the suspects were seen wearing in the home surveillance video inside the vehicles.

The bond has been set at $100,000 by Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke for each of the suspects in question.

All of the adult suspects have been transferred to Bell County Jail.

According to the Daily Mail, there was at least one juvenile suspect involved.

Lucky for the young woman she wasn’t harmed, but in such situations one should consider having a firearm. Had she answered the door with a gun in the ‘concerned neighbor’s’ face, those thugs would have thought twice about messing with her.


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