WATCH: Granny Saves Child From SEX OFFENDER–How She Did It Will SHOCK You

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 9.58.57 AMThis is one brave and bold granny. Thankfully she sensed something was wrong and decided to do something about it.

A Cleveland great-grandmother busted a convicted sex offender and rescued a 17-year-old girl after noticing the man driving around with what she said appeared to be a child covered by a blanket.

Christine Thornton said she saw the 46-year-old sex offender drive by several times with a passenger completely covered by a blanket.

Records show the man is listed as a sexual predator, and the state said he recently got out of prison after nearly 12 years and that he is on parole, according to WJW-TV.

On Thursday, her suspicions led her to confront the man, who she knew about after an alert was sent out and who was convicted of sex assaults against three underage girls in two separate cases.

Thornton is seen on home security cameras marching down the street to the man’s house where she said she asked questions to both the man and the child under the blanket.

‘I came and I hollered, “Ay, you’re a kid, I can see you. Ay, that’s a kid?”‘ she told WJW as she recalled the encounter.

She said the man and the girl rushed inside the home.

‘I started to go kick the door in but I said no, I better not,’ Thornton told the station.

The great-grandmother then called police and the sheriff’s department who found the 17-year-old girl inside the home.


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