WATCH: All You Gun-Clingers Are Going to LOVE this Epic Gun Range Package

Everyone who goes to Las Vegas has the same story to tell. You ate too much, you drank too much, you gambled too much.

Well, if you’re a gun lover or want to become one, you will have a different story from your Vegas vacation. One that will have all your friends jealous!

Battlefield Vegas has a $1,000 gun range package that, once you see what you can do, will have you planning your next vacation for a day of raising some Hell!

Are you ready?

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First up, have you ever been at the range and wish someone would bring you something that you have NO way of owning yourself? Something like a belt-fed? Because at Battlefield, a belt-fed IS an option.

Maybe you are looking for a more scenic experience? You like your long drives after all. So a TANK should be up your alley.

You can hop into a real-deal M60A1 main battle tank!

Check it out!

Vegas suddenly became the vacation of a lifetime!

H/T: Clash Daily


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