Watch Heartwarming Moment Officer Stops to Play Football With Lonely Boy

A South Carolina police officer is being praised for stopping to play catch with a boy, 10, who didn’t have anyone to play with.

Every once in awhile a sweet moment is caught on camera. The latest of these happened when a South Carolina officer pulled over to brighten a little boy’s day.

Surveillance video captured Field Training Officer Tommy Bilancione pulling over when he spotted a 10-year-old boy was tossing a football all alone.

Bilancione then got out of his car and motioned for the boy to throw the ball his way. What followed was a proper game of catch.

The boy’s mother, Sarah Prusinski-Petrovski, said that Bilancione was on duty when he noticed the lonely game. “I wasn’t outside when it happened. It was all by chance,” Prusinski-Petrovski said in a Yahoo interview. “My son ran into the house after it happened to tell me.”

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Prusinski-Petrovski then discovered the surveillance footage and sent it in to the Summerville Police Department, who proudly shared it on their Facebook page.

“It was not an opportunity for political purposes. Just a thank you,” she said. “Personally, we are happy to see the police portrayed in a positive way.”

Bilancione has been receiving praise from the community as well as his fellow police officers.

Police Chief Jon Rogers said, “We are proud to have officers like FTO Bilancione wearing our uniform and representing our chosen profession of law enforcement. He embodies what we call ‘SPD Pride,’ and our officers continue to make community engagement a priority every shift.”

The Facebook post reads:

We would like to throw a shout out to one of our outstanding Police Officers, FTO. T. Bilancione, who was captured on surveillance camera outside of a resident’s home tossing the football with a boy. This text below was what was sent to us by his parents.

“My son was throwing the football up to himself in the yard and your officer noticed and stopped to play for a couple minutes. This made my sons day and I wanted this officer to know…. he rocks!!!”.

Thank you to all of the fine men and women who are apart of our team, such as FTO. Bilancione.


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