WATCH: Hero Toddler Saves Twin After Dresser Falls on Top of Him

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-9-41-04-amAround 25,400 children are injured every year in the US because of fallen furniture. And of those injured, one child dies every week as a result. This little guy made sure his brother wasn’t added to those stats. Check out the incredible video.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes – including extra small, as a two-year-old Utah boy discovered when his twin brother rescued him from a fallen dresser.

Toddler Brock Shoff was playing in his bedroom when a dresser tipped over onto him as his brother Bowdy – and the home’s surveillance cameras – looked on.

What followed was an impressive feat of cool-headed action – and impressive strength – from the pint-sized superhero.

But the incident highlights concerns over the safety of children and the dangers of tall furniture.

The video, posted on Facebook Sunday by the kids’ parents as a warning of the dangers of tipping dressers, starts with Brock already trapped and crying under the corner of the heavy dresser.

As the boy shifts around, the pressure on his ribcage is terrifyingly obvious.

And with mom Kayli upstairs for just a moment, there are no adults around to help.

But Bowdy doesn’t need adults. He calmly walks around the dresser, trying to figure out how to help his trapped twin, before coming up with a plan.

At first, he tries to lift it up with his bare hands – but it’s just too heavy.

Then he tries pushing it – and it slowly but surely begins to move.

Brock, meanwhile, is able to roll out from underneath, revealing that the jammed-open drawers of the dresser have taken some of the weight off his body.

The fallen boy cries as his brother turns to him and the video ends, but according to Kayli both boys were recovered and playing together when she came back to the room.

She didn’t hear the dresser falling or her son crying, she told the station.

Dad Ricky posted the video to Facebook with a message.

‘I’ve been a little hesitant to post this. But I feel it’s not only to bring awareness, but it is also incredible,’ he wrote.

‘We are so grateful for the bond that these twin brothers share. We know Bowdy was not alone in moving the dresser off of Brock. And feel blessed that he is ok.


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