WATCH: Hillary Calls Trump’s Campaign Dark, Hateful and Divisive as She Grows ‘Tired’ of Rape Protesters

How is it a “dark and divisive and hateful campaign” when it’s true? Or, if we really want to be generous to the Clintons, more than likely true. Like we said, generous; very, very…very generous.

Hillary Clinton denounced “scorched earth” tactics by Republicans on Wednesday, saying Democrats must not allow themselves to turn away from the election in disgust.

Those tactics have recently included protesters accusing former president Bill Clinton of rape. Clinton’s campaign appearances were interrupted two days in a row this week by people shouting while holding or wearing T-shirts that brand her husband a rapist.

Her rally here was briefly interrupted by two demonstrators, but it was not clear they were accusing Clinton’s husband.

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“Americans want to turn out in as large numbers as possible,” Clinton said to applause. “Reject the dark and divisive and hateful campaign that is being run.”

The Democratic presidential nominee contrasted what she calls Republican Donald Trump’s efforts to divide voters and her own plan to govern inclusively.

“We have done our best to stay out of all the meanness,” Clinton said.

“I want you to know, I want to be the president for everyone,” she said. “I am tired of all the division and the barriers. I want to bring people together across party lines, across all the lines that divide us.”

Clinton welcomed the support she is getting from Republicans and independents and scoffed that “scorched earth” is an act of desperation.

“That’s all they have left — pure negativity,” she said.

“Obviously Hillary Clinton is very concerned about how divisive this race has become and all that Donald Trump has done,” campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri told reporters traveling with Clinton.

Trump’s tactics have just created more enthusiasm and mobilization among Democrats, Palmieri said.

Clinton drew a record crowd of more than 18,000 this week, and early voting and voter registration in Nevada, where Clinton will also campaign Wednesday, Florida and other places are encouraging for Democrats, Palmieri said.

“If anything, we feel that enthusiasm is growing on the Democratic side,” Palmieri said.

Clinton will not directly engage on the “rapist” protests, Palmieri said.

“These are people that are being paid to come and heckle her,” Palmieri said, adding that she applauded President Obama’s dismissal of a similar protest at a pro-Clinton event Tuesday.

“It’s just more of the effort that Trump is undertaking to try to intimidate her,” Palmieri said. “He will find that it will not have much effect.”

Cellphone toting protesters with handmade T-shirts scrawled with “Bill Clinton is a rapist” interrupted President Obama mid-joke in Charlotte on Tuesday.

“Oh, no,” he let out, grinning and chuckling as the crowd booed and the protesters were let out. The chants started “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!”


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