WATCH: Hillary Clinton Greeted by a Swarm of ‘Boos’

Expert blamer and finger-pointer Hillary Clinton was welcomed by shouts of “fascist” and boos when she pulled up to Swansea University to accept an honorary doctorate.

Entering the university, located in Wales, the former Secretary of State had a short distance from the car to the entrance to travel. When the Hilldebeest emerged from her vehicle she was instantly booed, and in the distance you can hear ‘fascist’ echo off the buildings.

Via Breitbart: The former New York senator was presented with the award during a ceremony at Swansea University’s Bay Campus on Saturday for her “commitment” to promoting the rights of families and children. The university’s College of Law was also renamed the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law.

During her acceptance speech, she claimed children were being “disadvantaged” by Brexit, and the democratic vote to leave the political bloc was the source of “bullying” in British schools.

‘Teachers and schools are reporting an outbreak of bullying and racially motivated insults,” the former first lady said.

“Here in the UK, divisive rhetoric and policy shifts are having their own effects.”

Hillary continued to cackle: “Right now, the residency rights of half a million children, including many who were born in the UK, are hanging in the balance.

‘So there are reports of children being worried, feeling uncertain, even unsafe. Trying to make sense of their places in the world.”

Saying that she proceeds to “believe in the value of the European Union”, she added: “What’s missing in both of our countries at the moment it seems to me, and what we need more than anything else, is empathy.”

Clinton stopped over in Wales to pick up her honorary degree en route during the British leg of her What Happened book tour, during which she has gone to lengths to propagate conspiracy theories of how she lost the election, to demean Brexit voters, and to deflect criticism of her party’s longtime association with Hollywood mogul and alleged rapist and sex offender Harvey Weinstein.

Hillary has said twice that Nigel Farage, Brexit and former UKIP leader, is to blame for President Trump’s victory.

Farage replied stating on LBC radio: “I don’t think Hillary Clinton has much relevance. We should no more listen to Hillary Clinton than we listened to Barack Obama during the referendum campaign telling us not to vote for Brexit. … Hillary you lost. Move on. The war is over for you.”


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