WATCH: Hillary, We Can Defeat Terrorism by ‘Understanding Their Food…’

Good LAWD!

Gibberish like this makes you thank God that Hillary is not our president.

Instead of wanting to secure and protect the innocent people of Britain, whom are being targeted by terrorists, Hillary is suggesting another rout.

In a perfect example of why Liberals are nuts, she claims the attacks on London call for a time of ‘understanding’.

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Yup, according to Killary we can defeat terrorism by just trying to get to know them better.

Eating their food and understanding their culture is going to solve all the world’s problems…


Sorry, but when an entire culture is trying to blow you up and/or run you over with cars, following with a stabbing spree, the message comes in loud and clear.

Now is not the time to sit down with terrorists over chai tea and discuss our feelings.

They aren’t, why should we?

Westerners need to meet force with force if we plan to survive.

End of story.

This isn’t the only time Hillary has said whacky sh*t like this.

Here is another video of her saying we need to empathize with the enemy.

Again, there is no room for empathy or civility with a terror network… we have the body count to prove it.

Aren’t you glad she isn’t our president?


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