WATCH: Hillary’s Aide Rushes to Help Her… With ONE Step

With all the emails that have come out lately about her health, it’s no wonder Hillary has aids following her everywhere.

The latest incident from the Clinton camp happened in Florida today. Hillary Clinton needed a helping hand…to climb up a single step.

She had stepped outside to greet her supporters in Lake Worth. She’s a short lady you know, so she wanted to stand on a small riser. Well, turns out Hillary needs help when she’s climbing a step that’s 18 inches tall. Seriously folks, you don’t even need to do leg day to get up on that thing.

Her assistant was quick on his feet as Hillary reached out her hand for a boost or some added steadiness.

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On top of that, her aid proceeds to look after her, occasionally reaching out his hand as if she might fall.

H/T: The American Mirror


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