Watch: Hipsters Believe America Should Model Economy Like Venezuela’s to Have Income Equality

Well, if you had hope for the future you better pray these dimwits don’t get into any position of power. We’re screwed if they do!

Ami Horowitz went on the streets of New York to ask the millennial generation what they thought about income inequality and socialism. He even went so far as to place Venezuela — a country currently going through economic collapse, crisis food shortages, and violence — as the pinnacle for their ideals.

What he found was kind of crazy, but not really shocking. These are the Bernie Sanders supporters who we are talking about after all. They despise income inequality so much, they’re willing to suffer through what Venezuela is experiencing right now.

Horowitz starts off the interviews with a simple question of “how important is income equality for you?”

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“It’s extremely important,” says one girl.

“Pretty important — I work for the working families,” says bearded, bandana guy.

“100%. I think that it’s really important and something that has to be taken care of,” says another chick.

“It’s really important, of course,” says another woman, following up with, “right, it seems like a trick question,” her friend adds.

Another hipster dude gets really ‘deep’ about things: “Income inequality is definitely one of those issues from which everything else sort of stems off of. … Other issues will perpetuate it — when you want to talk about climate change, and that sort of thing …”

Then Horowitz took the interview a step further and asked if we Americans should model ourselves after other income equality countries… perhaps like Venezuela. He explains to them after the question that the country is going through a tumultuous food and economic crisis.

Via the Daily Wire: Despite the hellish reality of Venezuela’s failed socialist state, all of his interviewees still thought Venezuela’s day-long food lines would be preferable to the United States’ selfish, “undignified” capitalistic system.

“Even though there’s some downside, there’s some violence there and some food lines,” Horowitz says to bearded, bandana guy, “but still everyone has to do the same thing — they wait in line equally.”

Though the young man appears to be quite knowledgeable about Venezuela, nodding and agreeing with Horowitz’ description of its crisis situation, he still agrees with Horowitz that it’s better to “wait in line equally.”

“That is, I think, a fair system,” says Horowitz.

“I agree,” says bearded, banana guy.

Interviewee after interviewee agrees that modeling ourselves after Venezuela is a great idea because America is just too unfair and “undignified.”

“If you gotta wait in line for stuff, we should all wait in line together,” says Horowitz.

“Right,” says one hipster. “Essentially,” says another.

“A lot like the rest of the world, which is a lot more dignified than us,” says one chick.

Yeah, it’s clear our young people have been brain washed by the education system. YIKES.


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