WATCH: ICE Arrests Illegal Alien for Deportation, ‘Protestors’ Appear and Try to Stop Van From Taking Illegal

Protestors are going to be very busy for the next 4 years if they’re going to do this every time. Who isn’t sad about this illegal being sent back? Check this out.

For  four years, federal immigration authorities have given Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos a pass to remain in the U.S. rather than deport her back to Mexico.

That changed Wednesday, when Garcia de Rayos went to check in as usual at the central Phoenix offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Instead of being released, she was taken into custody, while her husband, two children — both U.S.-born citizens — and a group of supporters watched in tears.

And by Wednesday night, her case had become the latest epicenter of the national debate over immigration enforcement. Before midnight, after hours of protests outside the ICE office on North Central Avenue, federal vehicles left the facility, possibly with Garcia de Rayos inside.

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Her family and supporters fear Garcia de Rayos, 36, may be deported quickly to Mexico. That, they say, would make her among the first casualties under a shift in policy by ICE under President Donald Trump.

But as some protesters continued to block vehicles, several people were taken into custody. Phoenix police Sgt. Jonathan Howard said seven people were arrested, all peacefully.

Puente director Carlos Garcia said protesters would stay as long as Garcia de Rayos’ family was there.

Asked how long she planned to stay, the woman’s daughter, Jaqueline Rayos Garcia, 14, had a simple answer: “Until I get my mom back.”

Garcia de Rayos’ husband does not have legal status and did not want to be identified. “Basically we are Americans,” he said. “This is our country. We were brought here when we were teens.”


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