WATCH: Idiot Writer Claims Americans Have NEVER Used Guns To Protect…

After Texas saw it’s worst mass shooting ever at a church in Sutherland Springs, MSNBC held a panel on the topic to which an opinion writer for The New York Times made the claim there is no “single instance” of one American having ever “used their guns to protect their liberties.”

The alleged “conservative” Times reporter, Bret Stephens’, full comment:

“I think it – there’s a romantic notion that somehow if Leviathan comes to take everything you have, you’re still going to have a gun with which to protect yourself,” Stephens said. “I’d like, I’d like conservatives to point to a single instance – what is it, the Whiskey Rebellion, was it the Brinks robbery, other acts of political violence in the United States, where conservatives who are saying they used their guns to protect their liberties? You won’t find a single instance of that.”


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Clearly Stephens is high and his claims can easily be refuted.

Here are two instances Americans have used guns to protect their liberties:

  1. The Los Angeles Riots:
    1. Over 50 people were killed and 1,000 building destroyed with damages costing up to $1 Billion.
    2. Korean shop owners had to fend for themselves when the police abandoned them…
  2. Security guard at New Life Church killed a gunman, with a firearm, who shot 4 churchgoers back in 2007 in Colorado Springs.


Two business owners from the LA riots had this to say:

“Where are the police? Where are the soldiers?” John Chu told The Los Angeles Times after the riot. “We are not going to lose again. We have no choice but to defend ourselves.”

Store owner Richard Rhee, stood and defended his life’s work. 

“Burn this down after 33 years?” Rhee said. “They don’t know how hard I’ve worked. This is my market and I’m going to protect it.”

The Korean shop owners used guns to keep rioters away and barricaded their businesses.

Comment on the second shooting incident:

“You can not wait for swat when there’s an active killer,” Jeanne Assam said. “You have to go in and take care of business immediately.”

So, Stephens please ask us that question again.

h/t Daily Wire

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