WATCH: ISIS Foreign Fighter, Farah Shirdon, Claims Attack on US is ‘Prepared’

It is very clear that ISIS, ISIL or any Islamic State is an enemy to not only the USA, but to the world. Check out this Vice interview and you will quickly realize that.

A Canadian jihadist once thought to be dead has re-emerged to declare that ISIS is prepared to attack the United States at any moment.

Farah Mohamed Shirdon, a 21-year-old former movie theater employee from Calgary, told Vice News last week that ‘a lot of brothers are mobilizing there right now in the West, thanks to Allah.’

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Shirdon, who was declared dead in widespread news reports in August, said the ultimate goal of the militant Islamic group is to fly the black ISIS flag above the White House.

‘God willing, we will make some attacks in New York soon,’ Shirdon said. ‘Mobilizing for a brilliant attack, my friend.’

Vice conducted the interview September 23 via the internet after tracking the terrorist down through social media.

‘I know so many people, thousands upon thousands upon thousands, that are living in the West that are ready right now to make an operation in your land,’ he said from Iraq.

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