WATCH: Jack@ss Attacks 90yr-Old Man With a CANE, Victim is Now…

Security footage captured the disturbing moment when a 90yr-old man was bashed on the head in an unprovoked attack on Friday.

NYPD have stated the assault took place at the Inwood neighborhood in Manhattan. The time of the attack was 5:55pm.

The jackass who attacked the elderly gentleman was seen walking down the street. After the victim caught the attention of the attacker, he kicks the 90yr-old’s shopping cart.

After that, he delivers a strike to the side of the elderly man’s head with a cane.

Why this younger man was walking with a cane it is not known.

He certainly doesn’t look like he needed it for any medical reason.

In the footage you can see the elderly man looks very frail.

Neighbors say the 90yr-old goes around the neighborhood collecting cans and keeps to himself.

After the first blow, witnesses were stunned.

A man standing nearby saw what happened and jumped between the attacker and the victim.

The Good Samaritan was able to land a punch to the douche-bag’s face before the coward ran West on Broadway street.

After the attack, the elderly man was sent to the hospital where he was treated for lacerations on his head and ear. According to police, he is in serious but stable condition.

The suspect is still at large.


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