WATCH: James Comey Heckled in First Day of Trump-Trashing Book Tour, ‘You’re Going to Get Locked Up!’

Former FBI Director James Comey started off his book tour in New York and was immediately greeted by hecklers and protesters.

The event took place Wednesday evening and alt-right blogger Laura Loomer shouted, ‘You’re going to get locked up!’ Continuing her heckle she shouted ‘Comey is a criminal,’ and that he would be ‘prosecuted for [his] transgressions.’

But that wasn’t the end of the heckling. Lommer being escorted out of the event by security was followed up by an anti-Trump protester who screamed, ‘Trump is a fascist,’ while holding a sign that stated: ‘Trump is a fascist and Comey is responsible.’

She too was dragged out of the Barnes & Noble book store, in Union Square, by security who were guarding Comey’s event to promote his book ‘A Higher Loyalty.’

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The evening was a heavily guarded event, with 6 security guards inside and three police cars in front of the store, along with barricades on the streets. Protesters gathered outside the store holding Trump flags and signs stating ‘Jail Comey’ and another ‘Trump Pence.’

Via Daily Mail: During the talk members of the public were allowed to ask questions by writing them down on some paper and putting them in a plastic box before the talk started.

Some had people queued up from 5pm, two hours before the event to get in. One man even took the day off.

Cate Smith, 41, a freelance writer, paid a professional queue sitter $20 an hour to save her spot.

She said: ‘He does think about the issues. He doesn’t get it right but in this climate it’s refreshing to see someone who is grappling with these issues’.

Emergency medical physician Ben Brown, 38, said: ‘I had some questions about whether he thought he needed to overstep the reach of the Department of Justice in terms of the Hillary emails.

‘His letter about reopening the case against Hillary swung the election, it did for sure’

Kiran Bhimani, 22, said: ‘The questions I want to ask would be if he admits to his mistakes. We all make mistakes and it takes a certain level of confidence and humility to admit them’.

Comey was fired by Trump last May while he was leading the investigation into meddling by the Russians into the US election.

Trump’s decision led to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller to take over the investigation when Attorney Jeff Sessions recused himself.



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