Watch: Jeff Sessions Goes Bonkers on Sen. Al Franken Over Russia Collusion

As the congressional hearings on the Russian election interference continue, the tempers of some being interviewed have turned into a short fuse. Attorney General Jeff Sessions lost it with Senator Al Franken over allegations he ‘colluded’ with the Kremlin in the midst of the 2016 presidential campaign.

“Since you have qualified your denial to say that you did not ‘discuss issues with the campaign with Russians.’ What in your view constitutes issues of the campaign?” asked Franken.

“Let me just say this without hesitation. I conducted no improper discussions with Russians at any time regarding a campaign or any other item facing the country,” Sessions retorted. “That’s been the suggestion that you’ve raised and others. That somehow, we had conversations that were improper.”

“I want to ask you some questions?” interrupted Franken just as Session was preparing to respond to the accusations.

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“No. Mr. Chairman, I don’t have to sit here and listen to his questions without having a chance to respond. Give me a break,” said Sessions. “The lead in to your question was very, very troubling […] You have now gone through this long talk that I believe is totally unfair to me.”

Watch the fiasco below:


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