WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Takes ‘Health Precautions’ as Hillary Visits the Show

screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-9-59-21-amThe episode will air Monday, September 19, on NBC. Just like he did with Trump, Fallon does something a little goofy with Hillary. But hair can be fixed, Hillary’s health may not be so lucky. Is her health really a joking matter?

Jimmy Fallon wasn’t taking any chances as he prepared to meet the Democratic presidential nominee for their interview.

After he welcomed Hillary Clinton to the show in front of a cheering crowd, Fallon immediately took precautions.

The Tonight Show host pulled out a surgical mask and put it over his face as Clinton laughed hysterically.

‘Thank you so much. It is great to have you here,’ Fallon said as the two high-fived.

As Clinton found the joke, which seemed to be a swipe at the controversy over her recent ‘medical episode’, hilarious, Fallon then pulled out some hand-sanitizer to cleanse his hand.

The two then got down to business as they chatted about how hard it can be to be a woman on the campaign trail and how some people say she’s too serious.


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