WATCH: John McCain Refers to Trump as “Half-baked.” “Spurious nationalism.” “Tired dogma.”

During an acceptance speech for the Liberty Medal, which former VP Joe Biden awarded the honor to him, Senator John McCain targeted Trump in a blatant attack.

The speech lasted about 10 minutes, but the critical moment was this paragraph below:

“To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain ‘the last best hope of earth’ for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.”

“Half-baked.” “Spurious nationalism.” “Tired dogma.”

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Strong words coming from a man who is supposed to be on the same team as Trump. John McCain needs to do everyone a favor and switch sides.


He has been suffering through his identity crisis long enough and should just make peace that he is a die-in-the-wool liberal.

The full speech, if you can stomach it, is below.


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