Watch: Jujutsu Demonstration Shows Chicks Can Kick @SS

This live demonstration was recorded back when I was a brown belt with the Valente Brothers.

Training with them since the age of 9-years-old, these techniques I perform on Pedro Valente have been drilled into my reflexes since the day I stepped onto the tatami.

What is so wonderful about this training is that there is no strength involved. Your body does become healthier and stronger as a result of being active in jujutsu, however the techniques simply rely on leverage.

Making it possible for women to defend themselves and kick @ss when needed!

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My portion in this demonstration is short, however every single one of the attacks done in this clip I can defend.

The brothers — Pedro, Gui and Joaquim — have a system of training that allows me and all their students to be as efficient, effective and detailed as possible with their movements. Something that is crucial for women when being attack by a bigger male.

In such a scenario there is no time to think. Because the brothers focus on perfect execution of movements, it allows one a very limited number of mistakes that can occur within the heat of an attack.

I am now a black belt and am the first female from this academy to do so. My training never stops and I am constantly learning.


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