WATCH: ‘I Loaded Every Weapon I Could’, Father Speaks Up About Capturing Dangerous Fugitives

Father Patrick Hale, 35, saw the two fugitives 300 yards from his house in Christiana, Tennessee, just after a friend had alerted him they were near by.

Hale alone with his daughter decided the best way to survive this was to flee.

Loaded in the car Hale and his young daughter were well equipped.

‘I loaded every weapon I could in my house to be prepared in the event that they needed to be used,’ said Hale. ‘I called 911 and made the decision to either get in our panic room and be trapped or get in our car and head down the road.’

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‘I grabbed my sweet daughter and got in the car… we saw the men had been running and were much closer to my house now. They took off their shirts and waived them at us as if to slow us down,’ Hale said of the suspects Donnie Rowe, 43, and Ricky Dubose, 24.

Hale said: ‘My vehicle looks very much like a police cruiser. I realized I had two ex-cons wanted for murder who had just shot at law enforcement who had nothing to lose and for some reason they surrendered and laid down on the concrete in my driveway.’

‘If that doesn’t make you believe in Jesus Christ, I don’t know what does,’ Hale said.

His wife Danielle Hale, 37, and his daughter Taylor, were standing by his side while he was making his statement.

The police were called once they were surrendered and Hale said he never once pulled out his gun.

It took 3 minutes for 45 police officers to come and get the fugitives.

The father said those were the most agonizing moments of his life.

‘I cannot tell you how grateful I was to see them arrive,’ Hale said.

The two criminals were being transferred outside of Atlanta. They killed two guards and escaped from the prison van.

They ran to the rural areas outside the city, stealing vehicles and breaking into homes. The two stayed together but were still able to elude police for days.


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