WATCH: Man Attempts to Ram Firetruck into Congress in Desperate Act of Protest

By guest columnist, Michael Roskiewicz

This past Saturday evening a firemen in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia, appeared to have suffered a mental breakdown and hijacked a firetruck. Watch this dramatic video where Brazilian police special forces (known as Rotam/ Patamo) shoot down the tires of the truck during a high speed chase.

The suspect was safely brought into custody and it appears his intention was to slam the truck against the Brazilian congress, which is home to the Senate and Deputy Chambers (similar to House of Representatives).

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Brazil is currently recovering from it’s worst economic recession and tensions have run high in the world’s fourth largest democracy. After 15 years of being lead by the far left labor party (Partido dos Trabalhadores- PT), the country is facing record unemployment (12,4%) and increased crime.

According to the Forum on Public Safety in 2015, the country has had an average of 160 deaths per day, which accounts for more deaths then war torn Syria during the same period.

The country is recovering from the largest corruption scheme in modern history that has lead to the impeachment of far left activist Dilma Rousseff and arrest of multiple politicians. Brazil is expected to have new elections in October of next year (2018).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Roskiewicz is an avid traveller and has spent extensive time living in Central and South America. With a passion for history, politics and current events, Michael wishes to promote awareness of the impact left wing ideology has generated in Latin America. Michael is a millennial and believes Americans in his generation have a misguided understanding of the consequences of socialism and secular progressive views. He wishes to bring forward information that will help Americans avoid electing officials with ideas that have already failed abroad. You can follow him on twitter: @m_roskiewicz


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