Watch: Man Saves Wounded Baby Deer, Only to Reunite the Deer With…

This is a very heart warming video of simple act of kindness. Something good to watch, if you’re getting sick of the political tension in the US, right now.

A man saw a doe and her two fawns moving through his backyard and he noticed one of them had a very bad limp. Now, if anyone thought mother nature or animals were kind, think again. For the safety of her healthy fawn, the mother abandoned the injured baby deer.

Luckily, the man witnessing all this was able to come to the rescue of the deer.

Him and his animals welcomed the baby fawn into his home. Mending the limping deer’s wound, the baby was able to heal quickly. That isn’t the only good news this fawn had though.

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Watch the video to see what happened after the deer had healed! Share this with your friends.


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