WATCH: Mayor of Baltimore Gives Rioters PERMISSION to Destroy Property and Businesses

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 9.39.16 AMWell, at least business owners and the likes know who to sue for damages. Check out her ridiculous comment around 7:00 min. mark.

Protests over the death of a black man who apparently suffered fatal injuries while in police custody in Baltimore grew violent over the weekend. Fox News reports that dozens of protestors were arrested and six officers injured during volatile street demonstrations that saw police cars as well as a number of stores damaged as authorities tried to control the rowdy crowds.

“…a smaller “splinter group” looted a convenience store and threw tables and chairs through storefront windows, shattering the glass. One group smashed the window of a department store inside a downtown mall and, at one point, a protester tossed a flaming metal garbage can toward a line of police officers in riot gear as they tried to push back the crowd.”

Baltimore’s Police Commissioner Anthony Batts indicated that the “very violent agitators” were not residents of the city but came in from the outside to cause trouble. The death of Freddie Gray on April 19th has led to almost daily protests over his alleged mistreatment by police who had taken him into custody a week earlier.

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