WATCH: Moment Hero Cops Stopped and Killed Walmart Gunman, While Taking Fire, Caught on Camera


After taking fire and one officer being struck in the face with a bullet, they were still able to take this thug out. Amazing stuff! If you see a cop today, thank them for putting their lives on the line.

Shocking surveillance footage has revealed the moment a gunman opened fire on police officers after luring them to a Arizona Walmart for an ambush.

Chandler cops Joshua Pueblo and Daniel Colwell strolled into the store in April to deal with what they thought would be a straightforward case of trespassing.

But as they approached Mitchell Oakley in a McDonald’s inside the supermarket, shoppers were sent sprawling as bullets were sprayed, hitting both cops.

Pueblo was shot in the face and his colleague Colwell was hit with two bullets from close range which knocked him to the ground.

CCTV footage shows the moment Colwell reaches for his gun as he is sliding backwards on the floor and fires back at the convicted felon.

As Oakley attempts his getaway, he drops his weapon outside the store.

He tries to go back for it, but is shot dead by the injured Colwell.


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