Watch: Mother and Daughter Defeat Armed Robber Because They Carry a Gun

One armed robber in Oklahoma wasn’t expecting to receive fire when attempting to hold up a family shop.

Security footage captured the moment a mother and daughter defended their place of business from the criminal who was carrying a shotgun.

Tina Ring, 53, and her daughter Ashley Lee, 30, at first cooperate with the armed robber who was demanding cash from their Forest Acres Liquor store.

However, as soon as he turns his back, Ring grabs her handgun and starts shooting at the hooded man.

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The incident happened Thursday night around 18:00.

He was shot multiple times after the pair of women locked the doors of their store.

Via the Daily Mail: The wounded suspect dropped his weapon and grabbed Mrs Ring, wrestling her gun away and pistol-whipping her with it before Mrs Lee shot him again and fled to safety with her mother.

The would-be thief reportedly drove himself to a local hospital where he was put into a medically induced coma.

He remains in a critical but stable condition and has yet to be questioned by police.

Horrifying footage released by the store owner shows the hooded suspect pointing his weapon at the terrified women before emptying the cash register.

As he turns to leave, Mrs Lee presses a button locking him inside the store and her mother pulls out a revolver.

They crouch together on the floor behind the counter and as the suspect marches back towards them, Mrs Ring appears to shoot him.

As he runs for the exit, she follows and is seen firing two more shots at him while her daughter dials 911.

The bleeding suspect staggers towards the pair again and Mrs Ring appears to shoot him in the leg at point-blank range.

He lunges at her and the pair become locked in a desperate struggle for the gun as Mrs Lee fires at him with a second pistol.

The suspect eventually takes the gun from Mrs Ring and appears to pistol-whip her in the head, knocking her to the ground.

He then points the gun at her daughter but it is out of ammo. Mrs Lee fires at him again and he collapses on the floor as the women hurry out of the store.

The mother’s wound to the head required several staples.

Mrs Ring stated after the confrontation: ‘I didn’t want him to hurt my daughter. That was my main thought.

‘All I was thinking was “just give him the money and go” and the next thing I know I see him back in my face. I’m still in shock. I don’t think I have really processed everything yet.’

Ring’s son, Justin Christian, owns the store and said his family members ‘did what they had to do’. He was out of town during the time of the attack.

Speaking to KJRH-TV, Christian said, ‘I’m very proud of them. They fought for their life. Had my mom not made sure that the pistol she shot was empty… he tried shooting my sister with it point-blank.

‘You’re not going to scare me off from my store. This is what feeds my family, this is what pays my bills.’

The suspect was identified by Tulsa Police Department, by Sergeant Brandon Watkins. His name is Tyrone Lee, 36, and is suspected of several other armed robberies in the same area.

Watkins said, ‘It does appear that this is going to be the guy we had been looking for. He’s done multiple robberies here in Tulsa, as well as up in the county.’

Lee should survive his wounds, according to hospital officials.

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