WATCH: MSNBC Anchor Asks If Trump Is Trying To PROVOKE A TERROR ATTACK — Is He On Drugs?!

The “unbiased” news network MSNBC has some explaining to do.

Or they just need to admit they are for the left. That would be the more truthful answer.

Anchor Thomas Roberts asked a ridiculous question, not once, but twice!

He was theorizing that President Trump is trying to provoke a terrorist attack in the U.S. solely to “prove himself right” about Islamic terrorism.

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Roberts asked the question during two separate interviews.

The first time was with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

Roberts pointed to Trump’s tweets early Sunday in the wake of a terrorist attack that left at least seven dead in London.

Trump wrote that “we must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people.”

He also criticized London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, who said that there was “no reason to be alarmed” following the attacks.

The Daily Caller

Roberts must not have been happy that Reed dodged the question because he asked it again.

The second time was in an interview with former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean.

“I asked this of Mayor Reed, but it seems like the president is trying to provoke something that he can politicize more for his own gain in America. Do you feel that way?”

Now Dean is not someone to shy away from making outrageous claims on TV, but even he didn’t seem to be buying Roberts’ theory.

Strike two. Come on, Roberts. When Trump-haters aren’t even agreeing with you, it’s time to give your wild notions a rest. No one’s taking the bait.


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