WATCH: MSNBC Host Claims Hillary Tried to Get Him FIRED for Hard-Balling Her on Air

So much for Hillary’s anti-bullying stance. She is okay with bullying if people tell the truth about her. Those people must be silenced. We keep saying this but, America, we dodged a bullet with this loser.

MSNBC host claims the Hillary Clinton campaign called them and tried to yank them off the air. I thought America was all about the anti-bullying movement? Isn’t this bullying by a person in a position of power?

Because a host makes a few comments that Hillary’s campaign doesn’t like, they want to censor or remove them from the public senses? That sounds like safe space material to me. Does everyone on Hillary’s campaign have a safety-pin to protect them from comments that they may not agree with or like?

If I had a safety-pin for everything people said about me, then I may as well just be a walking safety-pin myself. Maybe attach me to a baby diaper and let me walk around smelling like a dumpster butt while collecting people for my safe space.

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You know what the Hillary campaign needed was a spine and some toughness. Instead, it was a gathering of weaklings who complained about commentary they weren’t fans of.

Watch this video clip of Mike Brzezinski talking about how the Clinton campaign called NBC and tried to have them pull her from the air.


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