WATCH: MSNBC Starts TRASHING Trump After Seeing Other Countries Actually Like Him…So Gross

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” panelists can’t stand that Trump has been so well received during his overseas trip. They were so eager to get back Monday morning and tear him to pieces.

When that couldn’t happen, well, they still tried to tear him to pieces all the same.

They theorized that any foreign victories for the president are pretty much null and void since his “presidency is literally in question.”

Only by you guys. Only by you…

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Mika Brzezinski dismissed the president’s well-received speech, opting to instead say “the entire conversation is on shaky ground” because of the said controversies that are rocking the President here back home.

Brzezinski claimed:

“Here is the problem. This entire conversation is on shaky ground with what’s happening in Washington. You can debate Obama and say he made mistakes, but we’re talking about a presidency that is literally in question at this point.”

All we are hearing is a bitter liberal who is upset that the President is actually doing a good job and is even more well received than her king, Obama.

You can watch the video below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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