WATCH: Murderer Caught on Film Doing this to Victim’s Body

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 9.31.42 AMThis man should have never been on the streets. Check out his criminal record.

Surveillance footage from a parking ramp on a college campus shows a suspected killer dragging the body of a woman he allegedly killed as he looks for a place to hide her.

Police said the video from Grand Rapids Community College was helpful in determining what occurred when Jeanne Huntoon, 34, was killed, but surveillance cameras did not capture the actual attack, according to MLive.

Authorities were able to identify 19-year-old Marcus Bivins after they received a tip naming him.

Bivins was arrested and charged with open murder.

Police said Huntoon’s killing on April 30 was a random act of violence as the two did not know each other.

Bivins’ criminal history dates back to age 13, when he was charged as a juvenile with attacking his father, according to MLive.

Around the same time, he was charged with fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

He served time at a juvenile detention center in 2010.

Before the murder, Bivins was arrested on April 20 in Grand Rapids on a misdemeanor related to disorderly conduct.

When Bivins was 13 years old counselors indicated they had made many efforts to help Bivins, including sex-offender treatment, crisis intervention, psychotropic medication, drug screening, surveillance and a tether, according to MLive.

Bivins was charged with escaping a juvenile facility and auto theft in 2011.

And he was accused of assault and battery on a facility employee.


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