WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Goes on Tirade Against Trump’s Executive Order, Busted for Not Reading It [LOL]

Former Speaker of the House, now House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi went on a rant during her press conference condemning President Trump’s newest executive order on healthcare.

There is one caveat.

She hasn’t read the new executive order, much like she didn’t do with the ObamaCare bill.

‘[Pelosi] was fielding questions from reporters when she was asked to weigh-in on President Trump’s new actions on healthcare; opening interstate markets and permitting small companies to band together to negotiate better premium costs,’ reports Hannity.

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“Can you respond to what we know about the President’s executive order on healthcare that they’re putting out today, and what your take is on him doing anything by executive order after failing to get anything through Congress on healthcare?” asked one reporter.

“Well I don’t know what he’s putting out today, but I do know it’s a sabotage of the affordable care act,” said Pelosi. “And quite frankly, a great disservice to the American people, many of whom voted for him.”

“We do know that there is bipartisan support, even some of the high-ranking Republicans in Congress have said we should do the cross-sharing funds that are there. We have to take matters into our own hands as to having be navigators ourselves, to say to people this is the time to sign up,” she continued.

“The President, not having seen what he has to say, but just judging from what he has said, knows very little about healthcare legislation,” Pelosi added.

Pelosi’s insanity starts at 10:15:


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