Watch: NRA Triggers Leftists With Ad Stating to Respond to the Left’s “Violence of Lies with the Clenched Fist of Truth”

The National Rifle Association (NRA) released an ad where Dana Loesch advocated to respond to the Left’s “violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth.”

This doesn’t mean she’s calling for riots in the streets; she wants people to educate others about the importance of the right to bear arms.

She is also calling out the left’s embrace of violence as well…

Still, that hasn’t stopped liberals from being outraged.

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Check out some of the dumbest reactions to the ad below:

1. Sally Kohn

Although Kohn tweeted an image the insinuated Paul Ryan is a serial killer, how dare Loesch promote violence!

Kohn went on quite the Twitter rant.

But Kohn is a liberal so it’s okay for her to do this:


2. Dean Obeidallah

The (alleged) comedian thought that Loesch was promoting violence as well and that the ad was proof #TheResistance (whatever that means) is effective.

3. California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom

A Democratic politician. Need we say more?

That’s how everyone feels when they think of him being the future governor of California. Maybe he was confused.

4. Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson

This one is easy. Loesch  is obviously preaching about white supremacy and how we need more of it.

Actually sir, there are many black NRA members. We think if you remade this video, you would be just fine.

5. Author Steve Silberman

He’s outed us! Of course this is an ad for martial law. The NRA is so stupid to think they could get that one past Silberman!

6. Actor Mark Ruffalo

Oh, nope, we are back to just a straight up call for violence again.

7. Sen. Chris Murphy

But this one takes the cake. The Democrat said the ad “is telling people to shoot us.”

This is an elected official. He grossly distorted this ad to push his own agenda.

Hopefully people will show him on election day that this shouldn’t be tolerated.


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