WATCH: Perfect What NOT to do Video When Handling a Gun

This is the kind of video that would make any responsible gun owner knock their head against the wall and scream ‘WHY?!’

You won’t learn any of this chick’s firearm handling in a gun safety course, unless they’re showing you the most idiotic mistakes you can make.

Check this out:

  1. Her grip on the gun and the stance is terrible.
  2. WTF is she shooting at? Always know what is beyond your target.
  3. NEVER swing a loaded gun around like a buffoon after shooting; you could pull the trigger and shoot someone by accident.
  4. Clear your weapon and holster it when you’re done shooting.
  5. Always know where your muzzle is pointed and ALWAYS treat your gun as if it is loaded.
  6. FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER until you’re ready to shoot!!!

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It’s as if this chick was just handed a gun and no instructions on what to do.

But hey, #thuglife right?



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