WATCH: Philadelphia Bishop Accuses Trump Of ‘ETHNIC CLEANSING’ Over New Plan on…

A Philadelphia bishop has accused Trump of attempting to implement “ethnic cleansing”

…because of the budget plan!

Bishop Dwayne Royster, who heads Philadelphia’s Living Water United Church of Christ, was speaking at the social justice rally when he said there was a problem with Trump’s budget cuts designed to shrink the federal government.

“This budget, if I can be honest with you, is an attempt to implement ethnic cleansing in this nation from people of color, but also poor white folk from whom services being but will be impacted the most.

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“President Trump and his surrogates have used dog whistle language to speak about race in negative ways and create fear in the hearts of Americans.

“Here is the reality many poor black families and brown families and Asian families and indigenous families will be devastated by this budget. The reality is that there is many poor white families that will be devastated by this budget, as well.

“In an attempt to hurt families of color, the president has hurt white folks, as well. These cuts will take away jobs in needed industries like healthcare, put people out of work and increase poverty in this nation.”

Royster went on to explain that goal was to drive people into poverty by giving their money to the rich.

He claimed that people will literally drop dead because of this budget plan.

“We will see an increase in the early death and suffering as a result of lack of healthcare access through Medicaid. Seniors starving for lack of access to programs like Meals on Wheels, an increase in infant mortality from a lack of proper prenatal care and reproductive care for women.

“At the root of all this is an immoral desire to continue the transfer of wealth from the poorest in this nation to a handful of the richest.”

He then issued a message directly to the President.

“Mr. Trump, this is sin in any form. So we say to Donald Trump hands off our families, hands off our healthcare, hands off this budget, hands off this nation, hands off.

“And make sure, when we go to put a right budget together, make sure it addresses families first, and make sure we’re building this nation at its most basic foundation.”

Royster essentially declared Trump an evil sinner as the president and administration officials were meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Royster, flanked by supporters with signs that read “I stand with Planned Parenthood,” leveled his charges against Trump from the Capitol lawn Wednesday as part of a broader rally that also included a host of other social justice crusaders.

The bishop is currently the political director for PICO – People Improving Communities through Organizing – which advocates liberal policies on healthcare, immigration, and social justice issues.

The American Mirror

This isn’t the first time Royster has made some wild accusations about Trump. Back in March, he told  Bloomberg the President’s travel ban wasn’t about protecting Americans. Rather, it “is merely a tool by the administration to continue to stoke the fears of the nation against the Muslim population that is both foreign and domestic.”

If you ask us, this guy is nuts.


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